Police Officers On Patrol

Police Officers On Patrol, written by Kersten Hamilton and illustrated by R. W. Alley, is the second book
in this month’s list to come from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. In it, police officers hurry to help
around town in various ways.
Again, for the first reading, curl up with your child and read the book together. Enjoy. For the next
readings, here are some ideas for activities to do with your child. Don’t try to do everything each time
you read it. And most of all, have fun and enjoy sharing the story with your child.

Starting Up
– Read the title and talk about police patrols helping to keep neighborhoods safe.
– Count the number of officers you see in the illustration. They seem in a hurry. How are they
each travelling?

Reading the Story
– Point out items that help police in an emergency, such as the radio to communicate and sirens
to warn drivers that a police car is driving through.
–  Talk about how the little boy feels when he gets lost and when the police officer helps reunite
him with his mother.
– Ask what would happen without police to help. What if the traffic light was broken and nobody
directed traffic? What if police never stopped bank robbers?

After the Story
– Ask your child questions about the story. How did the police officers help in the story?
– Ask your child questions about him or her. Have you ever helped someone? How does it feel to
help others? What is community service?

Learning on the Go:
–  Give your child paper and markers to make a homemade police badge that can be pinned to
their shirt, then have some fun dramatic play together.
– Look for police officers or police cars in your neighborhood. What are they doing? Do their
uniforms look like any in the book?

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