Chefs and What They Do

Chefs and What They Do, by Liesbet Slegers, is an in-depth look inside the life of a chef and his kitchen.
From the clothes a chef wears to the tools they use day-to-day to the way kitchen teams work together,
this story is in-depth! Any child with a family member who works or has worked in a kitchen will be sure
to pay attention, as will any child with a knack for cooking.

Starting Up
– Read the title and predict what you think might be a part of what chefs do. Is it the same or
different than what you thought?

Reading the Story
– Go through each page and treat it like a chapter. In some pages, there are full layouts and
descriptions of tools, clothes, etc. What do you see?
– Ask them how important food is to our lives. Are there chefs at home?

After the Story
 – Ask them questions about the story: what is the hardest part of being a chef? What is the most
– Ask your child questions about him or her: would you like to be a chef? Would you like to cook
something with me?

Learning on the Go
– Plan a few meals to cook or create (stove-free) with your child. Pay attention to the process,
including choosing the ingredients, preparing the ingredients, watching the timer, cleaning the
dishes… and most importantly, ENJOYING the meal!
– Allow your child to pick an easy recipe and choose the food at the grocery store.

The next time you go out to eat, ask if you can look into the kitchen!

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